We are excited to announce our newly updated Calendar of Regional Events (C.O.R.E.)!

In order to shift towards a more vibrant and beneficial system for event promotion, the Cultural Coalition partnered with the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT and CivicLift to help us update our regional calendaring system.

The new platform also better integrates with social media and links to personal calendars, and cross-posts to a network of other calendars. We believe that this change will benefit event organizers and attendees alike. Please note, you will need to create a new login in order to access C.O.R.E. for posting on the new platform. Unlike the old platform, you will now have the ability to edit your published posts. The old platform will no longer be available as of the end of April.

We are working diligently to ensure that the process is as seamless for you as possible. We have migrated any events we were able, but please check to ensure your event carried over correctly!

Please update your bookmarks and any other links to the C.O.R.E. calendar to: https://events.culturesect.org/

To find information on signing in and listing events you can see a tutorial HERE.

For questions or concerns, contact Wendy Vincent, w.vincent@culturesect.org.