Important Update:

We’ve updated the CORE calendar. Users will now be required to create an account in order to submit events.

Please note events are approved weekly. Make sure you are submitting your event with a enough lead time. If your event is submitted too close to the event date it may not get approved in time.

Before submitting your event:

  • Double check that the time and location is correct
  • Use only the provided tags, added tags will be removed
  • Please allow a minimum of two business days for your event to be processed
  • Read submission guidelines
  • Read our disclaimer

Submission Guidelines

  • Enter requested information in all required fields.
  • Attach an image. Pay special attention to image guidelines.
  • Provide contact information that is valid
  • Select at least one category for your event.
  • Events must be linked directly to an external website where the visitor can find more information about the event.
  • Submit your event one time only.
  • Images should reflect the event that is being submitted.
  • All image types are acceptable
  • Some Ideas include: Portraits of speakers, past year’s events, posters, and settings or objects related to the event.
  • Any images that are deemed offensive, inappropriate or in violation of applicable copyright laws will be removed.

Notifications to Submitters

The event submitter will receive an e-mail notification at the following times:

    • When an event has been submitted.
    • When an event has been approved by the Admin.


The Calendar of Regional Events has been designed to share information about events and happenings of interest to the community of eastern Connecticut. Despite our best efforts, some information may be incorrect or incomplete. We regret any inconvenience caused as a result. If you notice an error, please contact the calendar administrator, at Please note this email is not checked daily.

The calendar administrator may decline a submission request if:

  • The event does not conform to calendar guidelines
  • The submission form is not properly completed
  • The request includes inappropriate or offensive content, including profanity; references to illegal activities; defamatory or harassing language aimed at an individual or group
  • The events does not take place in eastern Connecticut
  • The event is a personal event or solicitation
  • The image or event wording is inappropriate