I need to update my event!
Unfortunately, you cannot make edits to your event. Send an email with all changes to admin@core-ect.com. We will make the changes for you. Please be advised it may take up to one week to have your changes reviewed.

Best size for images:
Minimum width 720px, a square image is recommended.

Can I submit a repeating event?
Yes! When you submit your event be sure to click “add recurrence”. Please use this feature for special events. This is not intended for gallery opening or business hours.

I can’t find an event!
When did you submit it? Events are approved on a weekly basis. If more time has passed and you still cannot find your event please double check that your event qualifies for CORE, see our submission guidelines. We reserve the right to deny any events that do not adhere to our guidelines. If you think your event was denied by mistake email admin@core-ect.com.

I submitted a month-long exhibit and don’t see it.
We recently updated the calendar and are no longer accepting events that span more than a few days. It clogs up the start of the calendar and leads to poor user experience. We will only approve the start dates of these events. However, you are free to submit more events based on the long-running event. For example, opening night, perhaps you are running a special, there will be live entertainments, etc.

How can I get involved?
Interested in hosting a widget on your website? Contact admin@core-ect.com for more information.

Still can’t find what you are looking for? Email admin@core-ect.com for help.